Explore, Experience and Learn the Fundamentals of Dance

Welcome to the best place to learn the art and practice of dance with  Brenda Jericevich-Roger (a full member of the Royal Academy of Dance, London and a former soloist in South Africa & Europe), as well as other distinguished  guest teachers.

Classes are kept small for individual tuition, from pre ballet to advanced, with the programs  designed to provide students with the essential knowledge and practical experience required to dance Ballet and other forms of dance such as jazz, tap, lyrical and modern. 

What are the benefits of studying the art of ballet?

The Disciplines of ballet as well as other dance forms have proven to be a great experience in educating students in many different ways.  Ballet is both a spiritual as well as physical activity which leads to a healthy cultural enlightenment.  It also allows exposure to classical music, the French language as well as providing a healthy physical activity in a sedentary strong world.  Learning this discipline will also give students self-respect, increase self esteem as well as provide the ability to concentrate and additionally prepare them for the life’s rigors by:

•Assisting in development of social interaction and friendships

•Discipline, logic and tenacity

•Encouraging physical discipline, general body awareness and control

•Inspiring a sense of physical and mental confidence

•Encouraging good posture and bodily communication

•Understanding the relationship between music, rhythm and controlled movement

•Providing insight into art forms associated with classical ballet, classical music and classical language

•Fostering future audience appreciation

Simply to learn an art form is a great benefit to people of all ages.  It has been said that “Art may, in fact, be the defining characteristic of the human spirit”.  With the knowledge and self-discipline gained by the study of classical ballet, the student can experience the natural delight in dancing, expression and sensitivity to music, and the satisfaction that comes from mastering a goal.

Above all, the children's syllabus is designed to be enjoyed!


About the Instructors


Brenda Jericevich-Roger began dancing at the age of four.  She studied Royal Academy of Dance method and successfully passed all her children an Major examsShe danced professionally for several years in Europe.  Brenda has owned ballet schools in South Africa, Germany, and now in the USA.  She has forty eight years of teaching experience in all levels from creative movement, pre-ballet, to professional, and is a certified Ballet teacher.  Sixteen years ago Brenda became the Ballet Director for the Fulton County After School Ballet Program.  She has successfully built up a good and strong reputation with the school systems with children returning year after year.  Brenda has a Liberal Arts Degree in Dance, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, and a Masters in English.  She has lived in four countries, speaks three languages fluently and has a strong knowledge of several others.  Brenda has been a resident of Roswell for 30 years.


Maria Victoria Gutierrez began her professional training at the School pro-Arte Musical and the School of Ballet Alica Alonso in Havana. She received her graduate degree in Art at the National University of Havana, Cuba. As a professional dancer she toured extensively both nationally and internationally. After retiring from the stage she has dedicated her life to the instruction of dance and movement to both young professional dancers and youth for positive personal development. She was also the director of the Provincial Schools of Ballet Alejo Carpentier and choreographer and judge for the Cuban National Gymnastic Team. She has also been a speaker in multiple conferences worldwide.

Brenda and her staff have been thoroughly checked nationwide by Fulton County School Board Security.

Studio classes will be held at Brenda's home studio located at:

Academy of Dance
10015 High Falls Pointe
Johns Creek, GA  30022

We are offering a variety of classes for after school, summer camp, and in the studio in different forms of dance. Don't miss this golden opportunity to learn classical ballet with  Brenda.  Brenda and her staff will give your child the opportunity to excel!