Children must wear the correct ballet uniform to class each week.
Ballet uniform and shoes must be purchased from Brenda’s web site on the page called “Links”. Please place your order on registration day or via email. 

The beginning grades wear;

•A pale blue short sleeve leotard, with no skirt attached. A thin pale blue elastic waist band.

•Ballet pink tights.

•Pink leather shoes, no substitutes will be accepted.

NO ballet skirt may be worn.

Major students wear;

•Black spaghetti strap leotard.

•Ballet pink tights.

•Pink ballet shoes.

•Please buy the correct ballet shoes.

Maintaining correct Ballet School attire is very important to a child's development in the course, so please abide by the following;

•Lower grade students may choose to wear ballet pink short socks instead of tights.  These can be purchased from Brenda.

•Please prepare the students hair at home on the day that she will be doing ballet.

•Children should carry all the necessary things for their hair in their Ballet bag.

•The teacher will teach the student how to prepare their hair.

•No other color than Ballet Pink is allowed or accepted.

In the new schools I would like you to request that your child change in the bathroom in the classroom before the teacher walks the students to the ballet room.


Parents are requested to please send a letter to school informing the teacher that their child will be starting ballet and that they must please walk them to the ballet room. Older students can walk alone to the ballet room but must have a letter to inform the teacher about ballet. If the teacher does not receive the letter your child will be sent home on the bus. I cannot sign a release for your child.  Those children that attend after school Day Care must inform them that they will be going to Ballet.


If your child does not attend school on the day of ballet, or for some reason will not be going to ballet. It is your responsibility to inform the school and Brenda.
Parents must come into the school and pick up their child from the ballet room. The teacher on site should be notified in writing if they are sending someone else. This person must show their drivers license to the teacher. If there is a restriction on parental visitation or child pick-up, please work this out at home and not in the ballet room.

Those students who are in Prime-Time or any of the other programs must inform them that their child will be taking ballet classes on a particular day. The student is to go straight to ballet after school. When ballet is finished, they are to be picked up by the after school teacher or the teacher can send an older student to do so.

Students who will be doing the RAD examinations must attend class twice a week.  Majors have to attend three 1 1/2 hour classes per week.  The ballet program will end the same time as the school you attend. There is no extra cost for dress rehearsals for the Performance Awards, Recital or RAD exams but remember the day these activities occur are considered a class day as well. These are all included in the monthly class schedule. Students that may need extra tuition to enable them to reach the necessary standard may attend extra classes at other schools. Students who wish to make up any classes may do so at any of the other schools where the ballet program is being taught. If your child misses class for illness, a trip or an interruption by the school calendar, they too may be made up at another school. This includes the schools that may have teacher workdays occurring frequently on their ballet days. The school is only available for the day ballet is allocated. Payment will not be deducted. Call Brenda for information about, times, days and the closest school to you.


Classes are scheduled on a one year calendar.  Fees are paid in 2 sections. 

To withdraw from the Ballet Program a written and verbal notice must be given directly to Brenda.  There is no refund after the 1st class.

Classes will continue for the duration of the school year.


All students must be adequately insured by a personal policy. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to complete all forms accurately and maintain records as changes occur in phone numbers, addresses, medical history, guardianship, and other pertinent information.


There are scheduled visitor's days during December and parents are urged to attend to encourage the student's development and accomplishments.  Drop in visitations are highly discouraged as it disrupts the lessons.  If you need to speak with the instructor, please call and set a time to meet.


We understand that parents are sometimes  delayed with situations out of their control, causing them to pick up their child(ren) late. Travel conditions have become very difficult for many, and  any delays make it impossible for Instructors to get to their other teaching commitments after class.

Your child(ren) must be picked up at the end of class and no later.  This policy will be strictly enforced.   There will be one warning with a fee for violation of pick up time.

FINES ARE first 5 minutes free - $10.00 for the next 10 minutes - $1 each minute thereafter.

Here is a printer friendly copy of these requirements, please print them and keep for your records and handy future reference.